Multiple Car Workshops - Commercial Vehicle Lifts, Tyre Machines, Air Hoses, Heavy Duty Shelving & Much More

We are currently in the process of clearing multiple car showrooms and service areas. We have a large amount of commercial vehicle lifts available. Other items include tyre machines, air hoses, exhaust fume extractors, heavy duty shelving and much more. 

We are also removing all of the high end designer furniture which you can find on our online Shop


Nussbaum Car LiftNussbaum Car Lift

Nussbaum Car LiftNussbaum Car Lift

S Lift Car RampSLift Car Ramp

Straightset Car Lift

Exhaust Fume Extractor Metal Shelving


All items must be removed from site in Manchester by buyers.

Please contact us on 01706 869888 if you have any questions.

Or you can email us here

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